4EverShape Pull Up Assistance Bands, Resistance Bands with Handles and Door Anchor, Powerlifting Bands, Heavy Duty Exercise Bands for Workout Body Stretch

★【Premium Quality】4EverShape resistance bands are made of high quality and eco-friendly nautral latex material bulit to last for years. These excellent exercise bands are extremely durable, which can be stretched repeatedly using. Each fitness band is continous layered and carefully constructed to provide the maximum resistance.
★【4 Exercise Bands of Different Power Levels】4EverShape workout bands will provide numerous tension options. You can use these stretch bands individually or combine them to receive additional tension levels. Four Resistance Levels: Red, 15-35LB; Black, 30-60LB; Purple, 40-80LB; Green, 50-125LB which help to most efficient training.
★【Super- Portable 】: Powerlifting Stretch Bands comes with a storage bag, light weight and takes little space in your bag. Exercise anytime, anywhere! You can take it at home, to gym, office or take it on your trip. With it you can do resistance band workouts wherever you go!

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AeroPilates 701 Premier Reformer

All the benefits of a studio Pilates workout at home–improve your strength and flexibility, tone and sculpt your physique
Low impact Free-Form Cardio Rebounder is gentle on your joints, comes with DVD video workouts and exercise wall chart
Included stand elevates reformer by 10 inches to allow for more advanced exercises

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AeroPilates Advanced Kit

Advanced Kit Comes with three items to expand workout potential: box and pole, pull up bar and magic Circle. Box and pole: wide, upholstered box accommodates all shapes and sizes
Box and pole: extendable pole with padded grips for greater balance
Box and pole: elevation for greater amount of exercises

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AeroPilates Box & Pole | Reformer Accessory for Exercises That Advance Range of Motion, Flexibility & Strength

Includes box, pole, strap, and workout DVD
20 minute workout DVD
Solid wood box construction

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AeroPilates by Stamina 266 Pilates Reformer

Three heavy-duty, elastic resistance cords
Stand to elevate reformer 10″ off the ground
Padded, adjustable head rest and adjustable, fuzzy hand/foot straps for added comfort

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AeroPilates by Stamina Yellow Light Cord

The addition of the yellow cord allows you to strength core muscles
Easy Installation
Yellow and black

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AeroPilates Comfort Kit

Comfort Kit comes with three accessories: Head Pillow, Non-Slip Towel and Removable Furry Hand Grips
Head Pillow: Contoured design promotes postural alignment
Head Pillow: Plush padding

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AeroPilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD

AeroPilates Magic Circle included
14.75″ diameter
Professional grade, nonporous, molded padding

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AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 608

4 levels of spring resistance (two lighter yellow, two heavier blue) offer 8 different combinations
Patented Cardio Rebounder
Comes with online access to AeroPilates Primer and Basic Workout Package videos

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AeroPilates Precision Series Reformer 610 with Optional Cadillac

4 levels of spring resistance and Patented Cardio Rebounder
Wide, padded platform, High-density foam shoulder pads, 3-position adjustable padded head rest, Padded foot bar
Elevated frame adds exercise versatility and makes it easier to get on and off Reformer

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AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder

Comes with free-form cardio rebounder
Rails are 8-inches longer than standard reformers
With adjustable headrest, footrest, ropes, straps, and handgrips

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AeroPilates Reformer 287

Great for reformer Pilates beginners
Sturdy steel frame with high-density foam padding
3 elastic bungee cords

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