Fitteroy Premium Heavy Duty Exercise Handles (Set of 2) for Cable Machines and Resistance Bands

TOP QUALITY EXERCISE EQUIPMENT Extra strong and durable fitness handles for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts. Made with industrial strength ABS plastic core and solid nylon webbing for durability, flexibility, and comfort.
VERY COMFORTABLE CABLE MACHINE WORKOUT EQUIPMENT Soft foam padded grip for maximum comfort, extremely strong and yet, very comfortable to use.
ULTRA PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY HANDLES Large metal O rings-seamless and safe; Holds up to 1000 lbs.

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The Vinyasa Triangle dramatically expands exercise options for your Pilates Reformer. This exclusively designed attachment can be used to support the arms, legs or other body parts on the two angled sides, and is ideal when combined with other pieces like the STOTT PILATES Jumpboard and STOTT PILATES Padded Platform Extender.
Available in 2 sizes: The 22-Inch Vinyasa Triangle fits all STOTT PILATES SPX Reformers with a 22″ carriage width. The 24-Inch Vinyasa Triangle fits all 24″ carriage models like the V2 Max, V2 Max Plus, Rehab and Rack & Roll STOTT PILATES reformer models.
Sturdy wood construction with top surface dense TPE covering. Metal handles that extend beyond the edge of the carriage with padded grip handles. Some assembly required.

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