Gaiam Pilates Coreplus Reformer Resistance Band Kit (Includes Digital Workout)

PILATES RESISTANCE BAND: The Gaiam Coreplus Reformer is a resistance band with four loops and comfort-cushion grips
ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Get a dynamic resistance workout that tones, strengthens and stretches the entire body anywhere–no bulky equipment or trip to a Pilates studio needed
DIGITAL WORKOUT DOWNLOAD INCLUDED: Features Mari Winsor and has three short, focused segments so you can customize your core workout to fit your fitness level and schedule (see packaging for details).

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Gaiam Restore Pilates bar Kit

Kit includes Everything needed to perform a variety of reformer-style movements to get leaner looking thighs, firmer, tighter buns and a sleek, well-defined core
Pilates bar with two 30 inch power cords and attached foot straps
Compact, portable and disassembles for easy storage

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Gaiam Step 360 Sculpting Cord Pump Bonus Bundle with 2 DVD’s

Great for all fitness levels. Burn more calories faster.
Durable non-slip adjustable platform..
Works both large and small muscle groups.

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